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The SNO community gardens are maintained in partnership with Dangerous Man Brewery, Masjid

Al-Iman, and Surly Gives a Damn.

In 2018, the SNO community garden grew 858 pounds of fresh organic produce. Between community gardens maintained by Dangerous Man Brewing and Surly Gives a Damn Prospect Park garden, a total of 1448 lbs of produce were bagged and donated as free CSA baskets to Head Start. In 2019, produce will be harvested, split into CSA baskets and donated to Head Start as well as Masjid Al-Iman. 

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In late August or early September, we host our annual ice cream ‘SNOcial’ in the community garden. In 2018, ice cream was donated by the amazing Fletcher’s Ice Cream.

Additional support of the gardens is provided by Lakewinds Coop. Dangerous Man works hard to connect with local farmers, tree trimmers, and city programs to locally acquire compost, woodchips, seeds, straw, and other supplies.

Interested in getting involved? Harvesting is typically on Tuesdays and we are always looking for volunteers to help weed and water both gardens. Over 50 volunteers help create, grow, maintain and harvest the gardens over the summer months. There are a limited number of rentable plots, but we always maintain a waitlist. Email